Dessert For Breakfast? Sounds Sweet!

15 Feb

Hello readers! I hope you all had a happy and super sweet Valentine’s Day. I’m sure several of you woke up this morning, stared at the cookies and chocolates, and fought the urge to devour these for breakfast. For those of you who managed to stay away from the sweets, I say “congrats.” For those didn’t, I say “no worries.” An article in the Washingtonian says dessert for breakfast may not be so bad.

Image Source: BBC Good Food

Author Melissa Romero reported that eating sweets can help people shed some weight. She referenced a study that placed two groups on two very different diets. At the conclusion of the experiment,people who consumed 600-calorie breakfasts (complete with chocolate cake) lost around 40 lbs. in a 32-week span, as oppose to their counterparts who consumed 300 dessert-free calories at breakfast and lost a little over 10 lbs.

Romero also talked with a Washington, D.C. nutritionist Stephanie Mull who said the study made perfect sense. According to Mull, eating a large breakfast, “provides the body with the necessary fuel to support activity,” which you need to burn of calories and lose weight.

So where does the breakfast cake come into play? Mull says that depriving one’s self of sweet during a diet can lead to ” inconsistent eating habits,” like over indulging on the “forbidden food.”

This doesn’t mean we should down double fudge cakes every morning, but it does mean we shouldn’t feel bad about eating something sweet every day. Even if it is in the a.m.

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning?

Hugs and Hershey Kisses,



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