Introducing the Automated Cupcake Machine

3 Mar

Cupcake fans of the world rejoice! Rumors suggests that soon, fans of the hand-sized treat can snag it whenever they want.Sounds, well, sweet!

According to PC World, employees of L.A. bakery Sprinkles are working on a machine that will satisfy sweet teeth across the state (and maybe, soon, the world). The inventors promise to restock the ACM with fresh-baked goods throughout the day. Creators of the machine, known as 24 Hour Sprinkles, eventually want to distribute ingredients and instructions to users. For now, however, they are happy to provide sweets for all.

I won’t lie. This sounds like an amazing idea. I can’t tell you how many late-night cupcake cravings I’ve dealt with. However, part of the joy of buying a cupcake is the experience. Pressing your face to the display, eating each treat with your eyes. Smelling the ingredients as they blend together to create a scentgasm. Asking the bakers for their recommendation. It sounds simple, and something most people don’t care about. But to me, the moments leading up to the first bite are just as important.

Would you take a chance on the ACM?




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