Review: Insomnia Cookies’ Chocolate Chunk Cookie

13 Mar

This afternoon, after a long morning of babysitting, I took a stroll through my neighborhood. After taking a few steps out of my building, the scent of sugar and butter hit my nose. Like a bloodhound, I followed that smell till it led me to the source: Insomnia Cookies.

Now before I go on about the chocolate chip cookie, let me give you a back story to this bakery. For four years I studied journalism at Syracuse University. Because of this major, I dealt with the all-night study sessions of normal students as well as the late-night layout sessions of an editor. To get through these difficult times, my peers and I depended on sugar. . . and a lot of it. Enter Insomnia Cookies.

Located a few feet from the hill, this bakery opened in the afternoon and close at three in the morning. Yes, that’s right: three in the morning. Perfect for us sugar-holics. With an array of cookies, brownies, and hybrids (the cookie dough brownie) to choose from, Insomnia Cookies met our needs without breaking our budget.

So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed one of these shops located steps from my apartment. As a recent college grad in a new city, having a piece of college around the corner offers a lot of comfort. It only made sense to make this the first stop on my NYC Chocolate Chip Cookie tour.

When the snack-sized bag hit my hand, I felt the warmth of a fresh-from the oven goodie. I also felt something slimmey, which probably came from the amount of butter the recipe requires. Spotting the grease stains plus the dots of melted chocolate meant I was in for a messy, but delicious dessert.

When I broke apart the cookie, strands of melted chocolate formed and dripped onto my hands. I popped a piece into my mouth, savoring the taste of brown sugar and milk chocolate. Given the cookie’s overly-chewy texture, I wondered whether they served me a legit baked good or  slightly warmed piece of dough. (Not that it matters. Everyone knows the best part of baking is licking the batter.)

Although the Insomnia Chocolate Chunk Cookie was worth every calorie (and I’m sure there are many), the “raw dough” factor left me feeling a little queezy. Then again that may have been a mind over matter situation. Despite the slight stomach ache, this cookie satisfied my sweet tooth and cured my case of the Cuse Blues.

Chocolate to Cookie Ratio: Perfect balance.

Texture: Chewy, bordering on raw.

Price: Cheap ($1.25)

Grade: B+


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