Easter Re-Treats

9 Apr

Although it’s belated, I’d like to wish all my Christian followers a happy Easter (and of course happy Passover to my Jewish readers). If your family is anything like mine, you spent yesterday consuming large amounts of food, and squeezing in several laughs between bites. You probably also bought large amounts of Easter candy thinking people would choose mass-produced sweets over homemade treats.

While you may snack on a Peep or two over the next few days, you’ll eventually reach your marshmallow supported breaking point and throw everything into the garbage. Rather than throwing all that money and food away, try giving classic Easter candy a make over with these five recipes.

Jelly Bean Cocktail

Have your treat and drink it too. . . if you’re over 21 that is. Maureen C. Petrosky‘s Jelly Bean Cocktail is the perfect way to wind down after a long (or short) day.

Candy Cupcakes

Whether the Bunny brought you Milky Ways or Reese Eggs, you can use these candies as the base for a kick a** cupcake. Grab your favorite mix, prepare the batter, and push a piece of candy in the middle for an added surprise.

Hard Boiled Egg Cookies

Not a fan of egg salad? Not a problem. With a little help, you can turn those dyed eggs into a chewy chocolate chip cookie.

Trail Mix

Add some color and chocolate to your afternoon snack. Throw some pastel M&Ms or those Cadbury mini eggs into a pre-packaged mix. But make sure not to eat too much, as trail mix can contain a lot of calories.


Peep Krispie Treats

As much as you want to put these suckers in the microwave, try using them in a classic dessert. Substitute Peeps for regular marshmallows to create a tye dye version of this simple sweet.


How do you utilize Easter leftovers? Share your recipes in the comment section!


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