A Truck Load of Troubles

11 Apr

It’s been a not-so-happy hump day for ice cream trucks across the country. Today, two different frozen food vehicles made the headlines for some unusual incidents.


Fire and Ice (Cream Truck)

Next time you cry over a metled cone, cinsider this tiny tragedy.

The Colorado Gazette reports that an ice cream truck caught fire early this morning. According the article, the fire broke at a Frosty Freeze Warehouse at 1:30 a.m. Firefighters are still investigating the fire but believe the vehicle, which was completely destroyed, an overloaded circuit is the culprit.

On the bright side, no frozen foods were lost in the fire. Considering the rising cost of ice cream, the company should consider this a good thing.

The Vanilla-Pot Swirl

I hate to say it, but suburban moms may have been right about the ice cream man moonlighting as a drug dealer. Well, maybe just the one sin Maryland.

Police in Waldorf, Md. arrested Alexander Hoskins for allegedly selling marijuana out of his ice cream truck. According to MSNBC, authorities stopped Hoskins’ truck after receiving a tip. After searching through the truck, they found bags of pot and a stash of cash. Rumor has it Hoskins was selling to teens and adults via word of mouth.

Haskins has been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, but was released on bond. Despite his break from the big house, he won’t be selling sweet treats (of any kind) any time soon.


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