Sweet Things In Life: Play Gear

26 Apr

Every day, we see something that grabs our attention. Maybe it’s a Bill Cosby look-a-like or two squirrels gettin’ it on. Whatever the phenomena, we take out our fancy phones and snap a picture (or five). Sweet Things In Life is a special blog posting dedicated to those moments in my dessert obsessed life. 

When I’m not writing about all things sweet, I’m working at a toy magazine. I know. It’s pretty sweet. Because of this, I get to see and play with products before they hit the stores.

Today I came across some sweet (literally) toys that I think every child should have this summer.

Ice Cream Chalk from Rose Art

Ice Cream Chalk from Rose Art

This sidewalk chalk from Rose Art looks so good, you almost want to eat it. . . and some little kids will probably try. Aside from its adorableness, the chalk is cheaper than regular ice cream (only $5 per set) and won’t give your child diabetes. Win, win, and win? I think so.


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