Wedding Wednesday: Sweet Proposals

27 Jun

Summer time means an increase in temperature, mosquitoes, and ice cream consumption. It also means an increase in marriages. According to TheKnot, 34 percent of weddings occur between June and August. Even though I may not be invited to all these ceremonies, I want to celebrate them in my own special way. Wedding Wednesdays will be devoted to all the sweet things that come with that special day.


We’ve all witnessed it; most likely on a TV show. A man, super in love and super nervous, tries to plan the perfect proposal. He’ll place the ring in a champagne flute, or bake it into her favorite dessert. Of course, in true fictitious fashion, something goes wrong. The waiter brings the glasses to another table, the bride breaks her tooth by biting on the diamond, or the ring gets destroyed.

Fortunately, that’s just what happens on TV. In real life, food proposals can be perfect.

Sarah Pease has seen her share of proposals. As the owner and creative director of Brilliant Event Planning, Pease helps people around the world prepare for popping the question. Originally a wedding planner, Pease moved to a different market after hearing how her friend’s fiancé proposed. In fact, it was his food-related fumbled that acted as the career changing catalyst.

“Her boyfriend proposed by placing her ring at the bottom of a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken,” Pease recalls. “Once I heard that, I knew there must be a better way to pop the question.”

With that, Pease became the pioneer of the proposal planning industry. In this time, Pease had planned plenty of food-related proposals. The most common request; use chocolate.

“The most popular is a traditional proposal that has “Will You Marry Me?” written in chocolate on a dessert plate.” Pease says. She adds, however, that most clients prefer “more original” ideas. She recalls one winter proposal that would leave most women speechless.

“The evening began with ice skating at RockefellerCenter,” she says. “When the couple stepped into their luxury transportation apres-skate, they discovered an exquisitely styled faux-fur cooler filled to the brim with perfectly decorated Christmas cookies and a flight of miniature stainless steel thermoses filled with different flavors of hot chocolate.  The car pulled away to visit the famous Christmas lights in Dyker Heights while the couple nibbled on delectable sweets and exotic cocoa flavors like spicy Mexican chocolate and indulgent white hot chocolate.”

A romantic evening and the ring remained safe. Looks like Pease is worth every penny. That being said, Pease says it is possible to plan the perfect food proposal without spending a lot of money. Simply follow her four suggestions, and the night will go as smooth as dark chocolate.

  • DO plan ahead. You don’t want waste time figuring out how to coordinate your proposal with the maître d’ while your girlfriend waits at the table. It takes away the element of surprise and is a bit aggravating for her.
  • DO have a ring. Just because you’re proposing in chocolate, doesn’t mean that you should leave the ring at home. No amount of decadence (or desserts) can compensate for diamonds.
  • DON’T bake the ring into your dessert, as there are way too many things that could go wrong. Plus, she won’t want to put on a ring that’s covered in food.
  • DON’T tell everyone beforehand. It’s tempting to share the finer details of your proposal with your friends and family before you pop the question. But, resist this temptation! The more people you tell, the more likely it is that word will get back to her and ruin your surprise.

Would you want someone to use food when popping the question? Share in the comments!


Sara Pease, Proposal Planner

Sarah Pease, The Proposal Planner, is recognized as the foremost expert on marriage proposals and is the pioneer of Marriage Proposal Planning. Based in New York City, Sarah and her team at Brilliant Event Planning and have designed and produced dream engagements for countless lucky couples around the world and are the go-to source for all things regarding “Will You Marry Me?” Sarah is available for press, speaking engagements and appearances as a subject-matter expert on marriage proposals and wedding planning.


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