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Homemade “Ice Cream” Sandwiches

17 Jul

Very few people find similarities between school and summer. Well, except for the fact that they both begin with “s.” But one trait (or should I say treat) I’ve always associated with the two is ice cream sandwiches.

In elementary school, my mom would give me 50 cents one Friday a month so I could buy something sweet at lunch time. I’d always follow up my PB&J with and ICS. Licking the smooth vanilla ice cream off the sides and biting into that soft, chewy chocolate cookie was often the highlight of that particular day.

These days, however, I’m trying to watch my wallet and weight, and the in-store ice cream sandwiches are not friendly to either ($6 for 4four sandwiches?!). So tonight, with a little help from Pinterest, I decided to whip up my own frozen treats and I have to say, they were pretty damn sweet.

Homemade “Ice Cream” Sandwiches


  • 1 package of pudding mix, any flavor
  • 2% milk
  • 1 container fat-free Cool Whip
  • 1 package of graham crackers, any flavor


  1. Prepare pudding according to directions on the box. Make sure it is well blended
  2. Mix in container of Cool Whip. Let mixture sit in fridge for an hour.
  3. While mixture sets, break graham crackers in half.
  4. Scoop about 2 Tbsp. worth of mixture onto one cracker.
  5. Place second cracker on top and put sandwich on a tray.
  6. Continue until you run out of mixture or graham crackers.
  7. Place tray in the freezer for at least one hour. Once set, move sandwich to plastic bags.
  8. Take out and enjoy whenever you want a frozen sweet.

For a little something extra, roll the sandwich in sprinkles or chopped nuts before placing in the freezer.

What combinations of pudding and crackers will you try? Let us know!


Woman Flees Crime Scene in Search of Ice Cream

19 Jun

At some point in time, we’ve used ice cream to cope. I know I’ve cried into a pint of Half-Baked because some boy broke my heart. But a woman in Texas to the ice cream coping method to another level.

On Friday afternoon, Stephanie Dillard crashed her car into a bus.  Rather than wait for the police and ambulance to arrive, the mother of three abandoned the scene and her three children that were passengers in the car.

Where did she go? FOX reports that Dillard was found eating ice cream outside of a CVS. Oh, did I mention she was naked. Some say she stripped and chowed down to cope with the Houston heat. I say there’s something going on upstairs.

Since the incident, Dillard was arrested and is being held at Harris County Jail on a $2,000 bond. The children, who suffered minor injuries, have been placed in the care of their grandmother.

Burger King Introduces the Bacon Sundae

13 Jun

Just when you thought fast food couldn’t get worse for you. . .

Burger King announced today that is will add a bacon sundae to its summer menu. The 510 calorie treat, which starts as simple vanilla soft serve with hot fudge and caramel sauce, features a strip of back as well as bacon crumbles. While the sundae won’t make its national debut until the summer, Burger King began serving the treat this April in Nashville. The company claims the salty-sweet dessert “took Nashville by storm.”

I don’t know that’s more disgusting about this item. The fact that is contains so much sugar and fat that it could kill you (61 grams and 18 grams, respectively), or the fact that people actually like this. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate dessert that mixes sweet with savory (balsamic strawberries anyone?). But I can’t wrap my head around mixing thick, probably under cooked, pieces of bacon with ice cream. Perhaps I just prefer my ice cream the old-fashioned way – on a cone with sprinkles.

Does the Bacon Sundae make your mouth water or make you want to gag? Let The Sweet Treat know in the comment section!

Sweet Things In Life: Play Gear

26 Apr

Every day, we see something that grabs our attention. Maybe it’s a Bill Cosby look-a-like or two squirrels gettin’ it on. Whatever the phenomena, we take out our fancy phones and snap a picture (or five). Sweet Things In Life is a special blog posting dedicated to those moments in my dessert obsessed life. 

When I’m not writing about all things sweet, I’m working at a toy magazine. I know. It’s pretty sweet. Because of this, I get to see and play with products before they hit the stores.

Today I came across some sweet (literally) toys that I think every child should have this summer.

Ice Cream Chalk from Rose Art

Ice Cream Chalk from Rose Art

This sidewalk chalk from Rose Art looks so good, you almost want to eat it. . . and some little kids will probably try. Aside from its adorableness, the chalk is cheaper than regular ice cream (only $5 per set) and won’t give your child diabetes. Win, win, and win? I think so.

Buzz Worthy Ice Cream

20 Apr

Ben & Jerry has the quirkiness. Häagen-Dazs has the elegance. SnöBar has the. . . alcohol.

Yes, you read that correctly. SnöBar, a new frozen treats company, plans to launch a new line of alcohol infused ice cream and popsicles. According to the company, the products will be sold in the freezer sections of wine and liquor retailers.

For the price of a premium bottle of alcohol, consumers can indulge in spiked versions of their favorite frozen sweets. The ingredients include the traditional milk, sugars, and extract, as well as the addition of alcohol (4% by volume  to be exact). Flavors range from the fruity (Cosmopolitan Ice Pop) to the minty (Grasshopper Ice Cream) to the chocolaty (Brandy Alexander).

Since each serving contains the same amount of alcohol as a cocktail or bottle of lite beer, make sure you hand over the keys after indulging in this sweet treat.

What do you think of SnöBar ice cream? Let us know in the comments!

A Truck Load of Troubles

11 Apr

It’s been a not-so-happy hump day for ice cream trucks across the country. Today, two different frozen food vehicles made the headlines for some unusual incidents.

Fire and Ice (Cream Truck)

Next time you cry over a metled cone, cinsider this tiny tragedy.

The Colorado Gazette reports that an ice cream truck caught fire early this morning. According the article, the fire broke at a Frosty Freeze Warehouse at 1:30 a.m. Firefighters are still investigating the fire but believe the vehicle, which was completely destroyed, an overloaded circuit is the culprit.

On the bright side, no frozen foods were lost in the fire. Considering the rising cost of ice cream, the company should consider this a good thing.

The Vanilla-Pot Swirl

I hate to say it, but suburban moms may have been right about the ice cream man moonlighting as a drug dealer. Well, maybe just the one sin Maryland.

Police in Waldorf, Md. arrested Alexander Hoskins for allegedly selling marijuana out of his ice cream truck. According to MSNBC, authorities stopped Hoskins’ truck after receiving a tip. After searching through the truck, they found bags of pot and a stash of cash. Rumor has it Hoskins was selling to teens and adults via word of mouth.

Haskins has been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, but was released on bond. Despite his break from the big house, he won’t be selling sweet treats (of any kind) any time soon.

Increased Ice Cream Prices? Say It A’int So!

4 Apr

Let’s hope the ice cream man takes Visa.

Huffington Post reports today that this summer may lead to high temperatures and even higher prices for ice cream. According to the article, a shortage of vanilla pods this year has led to a “surge in vanilla prices.” In two months, the price of vanilla went from $25 / kilo to $40 / kilo. Not exactly sweet news for manufacturers. . .

Or consumers. As a result of the price change, Huffington Post predicts that ice cream prices will increase by 10 percent. This is sure to lead to less visits to Dairy Queen, and more stories from dad about him buying a cone for a nickel.

How much are you willing to spend on ice cream, and will this price increase mean the end of your summer treat? Talk about it in the comment section!