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Sweet Things In Life: Call Cookie Monster, Maybe

10 Jul

Every day, we see something that grabs our attention. Maybe it’s a Bill Cosby look-a-like or two squirrels gettin’ it on. Whatever the phenomena, we take out our fancy phones and snap a picture (or five). Sweet Things In Life is a special blog posting dedicated to those moments in my dessert obsessed life.

If you haven’t heard the catchy (and kind of annoying) “Call Me Maybe” at least once, then I highly suggest you crawl out from under that rock. The pop song from Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen has been a staple and birthday parties, ball parks, and even bars this summer. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have covered the tune, from Justin Bieber to the Harvard University baseball team.

While these parodies have been pretty funny, none have been as amazing as Cookie Monster’s cover, “Share It Maybe.” After all, this blue Muppet managed to change the lyrics AND reference cookies. Any song that does that lifts my two thumbs up.


Sweet, Sweet Cinema

10 Mar

Hello Sweet Treat Fans! Hopefully you still exist despite my week-long hiatus. A cold kept me under the covers most of the week, leaving me unable to taste or bake anything sweet. Although I suppose Sudafed has a sweet after taste. . . During this time, I watched a lot of movies. Although they failed to clear my sinuses, they kept me entertained.

As I mentioned on Oscar night, desserts and movies may be my two biggest passions. So I started to think about times when these two come together to create something super sweet. Whether its the sensuality of Chocolat or the comedy of Julie and Julie, many movies utilize desserts in a clever way. In my opinion, these are the top ten sweetest cinematic moments.

10. Candy Factory Dance

Nothing says sweet like Dick van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes singing. It’s hard not to smile after watching this scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

9. Follow the Reese’s Pieces

ET phone Hershey? This Steven Spielberg classic was one of the first films to use product placement. In this case, kids used the peanut butter treat to find ET. Spielberg originally asked MARS to use its candy and the company declined. Oops.

8. Torture TREATment

It’s never fun to watch a hostage situation. Unless, of course, it involves the Gingerbread Man. This Shrek clip keeps my laughing for hours (ok, more like minutes but that didn’t sound so smooth).

7. “Poop” in the Pool

A pool full of Baby Ruths. Clearly a case of #RichPeopleProblems. It only turns into a real problem when you mistake a number one candy for a number two, as seen in Caddyshack. Who knew candy could be so versatile?

6. As Dirty as Apple Pie

I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on by a dessert. Then again, I’m not a teenage boy. Although disturbing, this scene from American Pie deserves a spot on any dessert list.

5. Sloth Loves Baby Ruth

Even Goonies have a  sweet tooth. After dropping his candy bar, Sloth goes crazy to grab it and satisfy his hunger. Maybe he should have tried a Snickers.

4. A Slice of S-it Pie

I thought this moment was funny when I read The Help. But seeing Octavia Spencer act it out made it even more enjoyable. Just goes to show you don’t mess with a baker.

3. Wheel of (Sweet) Fortune

Not all dessert scenes need to be silly. In this clip from Chocolat, Caroline uses a wheel to determine what sweets the patrons should buy. Like a Rorschach tests for chocoholics. It’s simple, but beautiful.

2. Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!

As if the chokey wasn’t bad enough! The Truchbull took torture to a new level when she forced Bruce Bogtrotter to eat an entire German chocolate cake in Matilda. This scene will keep anyone from over indulging.

1. Pure Imagination

I don’t care if it’s cliche! You can’t write a list about sweets in the cinema without giving the number one spot to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (unless you only know the creepy version with Johnny Depp). This scene is a dream come true for all non-diabetics, and I can only imagine the joy that went into creating it.

Did I forget your favorite dessert in movies moment? Well don’t keep quiet! Leave your fave in the comment section below!

Hugs and Hershey Kisses,